"It is rare to find works of art that are, or seem to be, without precedent.The art of Bruce David is such a rarity."

- Distinguished Lecturer in Fine Arts

"Once the viewers are guided through the magnificent array of colors and forms,they will find never-ending delight in the study of these most original drawings."

- Art Appreciation Professor

"Your work is among the most inspiring and interesting that I have seen in years."

- President, Prestige Art Gallery, Chicago

"I was most inspired by your brilliant works of art. This wonderful art hascaptured the essence of Judaism and humanity."

- Art Reviewer

"'Magic Eye' has nothing on this.... Taking a spiritual journey through the depths and dimensions of a Bruce David painting is dancing with destiny, with history andancestry - all at once, an all-in-one profoundly joyous outburst."

- Reviewer of a Fine Art Gallery Exhibit

"The exhibit was very well received - in fact, the response was one of the mostenthusiastic we have ever had.... it touched all our lives for the better."

- Museum Director

"Your art is museum and gallery quality art.... It is as absorbingly powerful asit is lyrical and resonant."

- Museum Director

"I found your drawings extremely rich, both visually and intellectually.... Theentire exhibition clearly reflected upon your intellectual and artistic maturity...Let me reiterate my congratulations for a superb exhibition."

- School of Fine Arts Director

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