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Light of the Nations, Inc.

Experiencing Judaism
Within the Context of Our Lives

Light of the Nations is a non-profit organization providing communities with unique and contemporary Jewish educational programming. Combining the engaging aspects of all-original music, multi-dimensional storytelling art, and uniquely crafted interactive experiences, Light of the Nations creates tangible lasting impressions that proactively impact participants’ connections to Judaism and life for generations to come.


Light of the Nations is dedicated to providing interactive and contemporary methods of educational programming, designed to share the history, traditions, spirit, beauty, and importance of Judaism and its universally-oriented ideology, through experiential programming.


The goal of Light of the Nations is to revitalize the universal connection between Judaism and all life, in an effort to broaden global perspectives and improve quality of life through communal engagement.

With goals of reaching individuals and communities of all ages, locations, and affiliations, Light of the Nations strives to bring the interactive experience back to Judaism, within a personally and globally relevant context. Using an experiential educational program that has been in-planning for the past 30 years, received international acclaim at the numerous educational conferences across the country, and has been successfully implemented in a diverse range of communities, Light of the Nations utilizes proven experiential programming for positively impacting participants’ connections to Judaism and life.


In modern life, many people find themselves too busy, or too disconnected, to participate in the regulated routine of a traditional prayer service, or at least find it difficult to connect in this manner. Judaism, however, has much more to share than the words on the pages of the closest available prayer book. The important aspects of Judaism, and its universally-oriented ideology, not only help shape our own thoughts on life, but also those of our family, friends, and the generations to come. By bringing the experiential forms of connection back into a society that has either disconnected from the traditional styles of previous generations, or no longer sees their relevance, Light of the Nations is dedicated to rejuvenating the universal connection between Judaism and all life.

Unified by a shared dream and the support of people from around the world, Light of the Nations was created with a vision of promoting peace, harmony, and universally-oriented philosophies, through experiential and interactive forms of engagement. We envision a world where the universal aspects of love, peace, and cooperation are shared through relevant and applicable forms of experiential education and action. Our vision is to foster a healthy life-growth process that will bring about peace, wholeness, and a more comprehensive understanding of the contemporarily relevant aspects that Judaism offers. We look forward to realizing this vision together.

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